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Offering your home to guests should be a hassle free experience. Hotels are everywhere, but your home isn't. It's special. We believe, when you aren't using something, it shouldn't go to waste, it should be shared and everyone should benefit. A win-win for travelers and hosts is an experience of them living like a local in your home, and you making some income in return.

... and so are our guests

Guests aren't strangers, they're people. We advertise in more places for greater exposure so we can find the right people for your home. We believe attracting the right people is the first step to a happy and successful guest experience. Along with courteous and timely responses and elite problem solving skills, our professional and friendly team are trained to ensure your home is in safe hands.

Hassle free.

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Are you looking for that feeling of not wanting to get out of bed, because you have nowhere you need to be? Or that feeling of warm sun on your face and a cool pina colada in your hand?

You've come to the right place. We are a comprehensive management service and take care of everything relating to your short term accommodation so you can enjoy a holiday, get some work done or just do life.

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Professional management services.

Spend your time doing what you love. Not cleaning your room.

Hotels are everywhere, but your home isn't. It's special – and we look after it as such. We manage everything from cleaning to managing your listing online to checking in guests. You can rest assured that your home is in safe, experienced hands.

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